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For Our Tenants...

From point of viewing or even application, we advise all credible tenants on the process to follow. We have found that this makes the tenants experience of going through the rental process with us, easy and worry free.

How much are you paying to start your tenancy?

One thing that is always highlighted and always so intensely broadcasted with the media is agency fees for tenants. At Brown & Brooke there are no hidden fees. We highlight any potential costs that can occur during or at the end of your tenancy, such as tenant swapping, check-out fees or renewal costs.

Please see our Tenant fees at the end of this article...

Renting with us...

Understanding the process you go through when renting a property, as a tenant, is extremely important because you do not want any surprises half way through the process and then you lose that perfect property!

At Brown & Brooke we will inform you of everything we need from you as soon as we agree your rental offer with the Landlord. It is important all forms of ID and any documentation that can support current residential status are fully up-to-date and valid. If there is anything detrimental that you think could affect you passing referencing or prevent you from getting the property you like, it is important you inform us at the early stages so we can help you move into that perfect property.

Our referencing process is sourced through an external referencing agent so none of our decisions are biased. Your referencing will cover Credit checks, ID checks, Residential checks, Right-to-Rent checks, Employment and Affordability and your Residential History (Landlord references). We have a great external team, who are prompt and efficient and will advise at every point of reference.

With our local market expertise we know how quick the rental market turns around, which is why we will update you at every point and make sure you have everything you need as a Tenant for a smooth and successful move in.

Make sure you have everything for your Tenancy with the "How to Rent Guide"

How To Rent Guide

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Published on 30 May 2019

Written by Brown & Brooke


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